Criminal Defense

Backed by a proven track record of not-guilty verdicts and case dismissals, even in emotionally charged or even internationally covered cases, Lewis Myers Jr. offers the trial-tested, powerhouse advocacy you urgently need. Discover your possible defenses when you contact Attorney Lewis Myers Jr. today!

In cases with high stakes or even a media spotlight on them, you must have an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has proven results in high-profile matters. You will need a lawyer to defend you both in the courtroom and out in front of the media. Lewis Myers Jr. is where you will find this exceptional, dynamic advocacy. Contact Lewis Myers Jr. now!

Defense for Sex Crime Charges in Illinois

Without effective legal representation, a sex crime charge will likely bring you a lengthy prison sentence. Attorney Lewis Myers Jr. will actively focus on achieving a favorable outcome for you.
No case is too tough. We defend against charges that include:

♦Aggravated / forcible rape                                   ♦Assault with intent to rape
♦Statutory rape                                                        ♦Indecent assault & battery
♦Child pornography                                                 ♦Obscene materials
♦Public lewdness                                                     ♦Prostitution

If you have been charged with a sex crime or you would like to discuss a legal matter involving a sex crime, please let us know as soon as possible. You need to have an attorney by your side as early as possible in the process. These types of crimes can severely harm your future – securing the right attorney can mean the difference between reduced or dismissed charges and facing a possible jail sentence. Should you choose to hire the services offered by Lewis Myers Jr., you can trust that your rights will be protected in and out of the courtroom.

Defending Against the Penalties for a Violent Crime in Illinois

If you have been charged with a violent crime or are being investigated under suspicion of committing a violent crime, please contact Lewis Myers Jr. as soon as possible. You need an experienced attorney on your side from the start. Defending Against the Penalties for a Violent Crime in Illinois

In Illinois, the range of possible penalties for a violent crime can include lengthy jail sentences, while a number of these crimes require mandatory minimum prison sentences, depending on the presence and proof of certain aggravating factors. Still others authorize the imposition of a life sentence.
Chicago's Lewis Myers Jr. can defend you against charges such as:

♦Accessory Before the Fact                                        ♦Armed Career Criminal (ACCA)
♦Armed Robbery                                                           ♦Arson 1 and Arson 2
♦Assault                                                                         ♦Assault & Battery
♦Extortion                                                                       ♦First Degree Murder
♦Second Degree Murder                                              ♦Home Invasion
♦Kidnapping                                                                   ♦Murder
♦Possession of a Firearm                                           ♦Violent Felonies
♦Voluntary Manslaughter                                            ♦Involuntary Manslaughter

Choosing the Best Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Case

For representation in federal court, Lewis Myers Jr.’s experience is unparalleled, and his results are second to none. He has significant experience handling high stakes and high-profile cases, even proving his ability to defend clients in the national spotlight. He knows how to advocate for clients before a jury and before the media. Discover how Attorney Lewis Myers Jr. can help you protect your liberty and future.

♦Capital Offenses                                                           ♦Drug Smuggling
♦Gun Crimes                                                                    ♦Sex Trafficking
♦Three Strikes Law

According to a Forbes article, “of those [federal criminal cases] that go to trial, over 90% result in convictions.” You need the best trial lawyer possible, someone with the know-how, skill, and creativity to craft a compelling defense. Lewis Myers Jr. is a seasoned federal trial lawyer with extensive jury trial experience handling all types of charges in federal court.

Affirmative Defense Attorney

Many affirmative defenses can be classified as justification defenses, or excuse defenses. Affirmative defenses operate to limit, excuse, or avoid a defendant’s criminal culpability even if the facts of the plaintiff’s claim are admitted or proven. In fact, the defendant usually must affirmatively come forward with some evidence that the defense exists; hence, “affirmative” defenses.

An Example of an Affirmative Defense: Self-Defense
A clear illustration of an affirmative defense is self-defense. In its simplest form, a criminal defendant may be exonerated if he can demonstrate that he had an honest and reasonable belief that his conduct was necessary to protect himself from another’s use of unlawful force.
Other types of affirmative defense include:

♦False Arrest
♦Illegal Search and Seizure
♦Impairment of Grand Jury Process
♦Insanity Defense
♦Mistaken Identity
♦Police/Government Misconduct

If you’ve been charged with a serious crime you could be facing a serious consequences. Affirmative defense cases tend to be very complex and require a high level of legal experience. Attorney Lewis Myers  Jr. has the experience and know how on achieving a favorable outcome for your case.