White Collar Crimes

Illinois White Collar Crimes

A conviction for a white collar crime often leads to years in state or federal prison. Whether you need to defend your reputation, career, and freedom before a Illinois or federal, or appellate court, Lewis Myers Jr. offers the high-caliber representation you need. Lewis Myers Jr. has defended many of clients in state courts and handled hundreds of federal trials. We offer the proven defense you need.

A nationally recognized defense firm, our Illinois white collar crime defense team has handled numerous high stakes and high profile cases, some even garnering international media attention. We know how to secure not guilty verdicts and case dismissals in court, and we know how to represent you positively in the public eye. Get the powerhouse advocacy you deserve when you reach Lewis Myers Jr.

♦Aid and Abet
♦Bank Fraud
♦Healthcare Fraud
♦Honest Services Fraud
♦Income Tax Evasion
♦Insider Trading
♦Larceny, Theft & Embezzlement
♦Mail Fraud
♦Money Laundering
♦Passport Fraud
♦Securities Fraud
♦State & Federal White Collar Crimes
♦Wire and Mail Fraud
♦Wire Fraud